The Collection, Preservation and Codification of Intangible Cultural Heritage Diploma- level 5

The Collection, Preservation and Codification of Intangible Cultural Heritage Diploma- level 5
Objectives: This diploma aims to provide trainees with the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to collect, codify and preserve the intangible cultural heritage in the UAE.
Intended Audience (who is eligible for this?):
High school graduates, who wish to work and join cultural heritage institutions and those who have experience in the field of cultural work
1- The Cultural Heritage, its Arts and Ways of Safeguarding it
This course introduces the cultural heritage, the history of its evolution, its components, its importance, its tangible and intangible types, the requirements and conditions for its study and ways to preserve it.
2- The Cultural Anthropology
This course deals with anthropology, its importance, branches, topics, and the societies’ culture life styles, components, fields, importance, and research methods in cultural anthropology.
3- The Forms of Oral Expression
This course introduces the methods of collecting and documenting the oral expressions forms, such as Emirati local dialects and traditional poetry and prose and their characteristics, as well as the conditions, mechanisms, requirements and stages of collection and documentation.
4- Folk Performing Arts and their Traditions
This course deals with the methods of collecting, documenting and analyzing folk performing arts, their types and importance, their fields, components and tools.
5- Traditional Crafts & Industries
This course deals with traditional crafts and industries practiced by men and women in the UAE, their tools and types, methods of collecting and documenting them, and methods of passing on and developing them.
6- Field Collection of ICH Component
This course deals with the process of collecting and documenting ICH component, in terms of methods of collection, preparing a plan for collection, carrying out and documenting the collection.
7- Applied Research
This course deals with the knowledge, skills and competencies associated with collecting, recording and preserving a cultural heritage component from the field, as well as the documenting and displaying methods.

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