The Academic Department is a lifelong learning that means continuing to acquire different knowledge in the cognitive fields. The continuing education programmes at the Sharjah Institute for Heritage aim to raise awareness of the cultural heritage and national identity, provide learners with the knowledge and capacities to understand cultural heritage, and learn about the most recent methods of its protection, management and preservation.

Continuing education in the field of cultural heritage and related fields is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and applied skills in the fields of cultural heritage and other fields. It focuses on the educational and vocational diplomas, workshops and training courses, regardless of age or education level.

This type of education contributes to enhancing the personal confidence of learners, helping them continue developing themselves scientifically and culturally through learning different knowledge. It stimulates them to engage in the sectors and activities of the cultural field. The Academic Department through purposeful educational programs and various training activities aims to provide learners and trainees with scientific knowledge and applied skills in the field of cultural heritage and other relevant fields of expertise.

This will enable them to understand the areas and genres of cultural heritage and related arts. It further raises the awareness of the elements of culture heritage and its role in maintaining the national identity and cultural development in local communities.

The Department's annual plan of 2021, included a series of activities, events and training courses, as well as professional continuing education programs, such as (Diploma in Cultural Heritage, Diploma in Manuscripts Restoration and Maintenance, Diploma in Museum Management, Urban Heritage Diploma), to develop study and training programs at the Institute