Dr. Saber Yahia Marzouki

About Me

PhD. in Tourism Management, Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University, Egypt: 09/2007 – 09/2011.
Thesis Title: "The Importance of Change Management as an Approach for Enhancing the Performance Quality of Tourism Sector".

M.Sc. in Tourism Management, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University, Egypt: 09/2003 - 07/2007.
Thesis Title: "The Role of Management Development in Enhancing the Performance of Tourism Sector Applied to the Official Tourist Organs".

  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University, Egypt
  • University of Modern Sciences, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Canadian University Dubai, UAE
  • Sharjah Institute for Heritage

Synopsis of the Ph.D. research:

The change management is considered one of the most important managerial attitudes. It aims at improving the ability of business organizations and helps them to solve their work problems and to keep up with the most recent global changes. Tourism is a very sensitive industry to all changes whether they are domestic or international changes. The Chang management can play a very effective role in enhancing the performance of tourism sector through changing and developing the traditional managerial patterns, decreasing the centralization, supporting and encouraging the new generations of youth leaders who have the ability and the ambition for better future.

Synopsis of M.Sc. research

This study aims at shedding light on the concept of management development, analyzing the modern global changes that face the tourism sector, Determining the stages of management development and its techniques and clarifying the challenges that face the management Development and the methods that can be used to overcome those challenges in tourism sector.