February 11, 2022

The 19th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days will launch on 10 March 2022

The Sharjah Institute for Heritage (SIH) revealed, during a press conference held yesterday (Thursday) at Heritage area in the Heart of Sharjah, the details of the 19th edition of the annual Sharjah Heritage Days festival. Organized by SIH, it will take place from 10 – 28 March 2022 under the slogan "The Heritage and the Future", which aims to link the past with the future.

During the press conference His Excellency Dr Abdulaziz Al Musallam, Chairman of Sharjah Institute for Heritage, and Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee of Sharjah Heritage Days, His Excellency Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman of the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), Rashid Abdullah Al Obed, Director of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, and Abu Bakr Al Kindi, General Coordinator of Sharjah Heritage Days, and Amal Al Hosani, Head of the Media Department at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, addressed attendees.

An important addition to global efforts that seek to protect human heritage
His Excellency Dr Abdulaziz Al Musallam, said: “The idea of organizing these days annually is based on the vision of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, who has emphasized on more than one occasion that heritage reinforces national affiliation.”

He added: "The 19th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days will take place under the slogan ‘The Heritage and the Future’, which is a comprehensive statement characterized by current relevance and importance. It refers to the need to identify future challenges and to meet these challenges with forward-looking vision that is in harmony with heritage. The slogan is also consistent with the orientations of the Emirate of Sharjah in communicating with the past and opening up to the future, while emphasizing the efforts of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage in fostering values and mobilizing determination to protect heritage, spread awareness of its importance, and celebrate treasures and ancient symbols, whatever the circumstances."

HE Dr Al Musallam stressed that the procedures adopted by the emirate under the directives of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah to protect heritage are in line with the requirements set by UNESCO to preserve human heritage through a global agreement concerned with the world’s cultural and natural heritage, one of the provisions being to introduce people to the cultural and natural heritage by those familiar with the heritage and who are able to convey the message, adding that Sharjah Heritage Days serve as an important addition to the global efforts that seek to protect human heritage.

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority
His Excellency Khalid Jasim Al Midfa said: “The annual Sharjah Heritage Days represent a celebration of the authentic heritage of the country and the societies of the world and is one of the most important events in the Emirate of Sharjah, which is known for embracing various activities and cultures. It highlights the importance of heritage in exploring the knowledge of countries, in creating human identity, in building civilizations and in preparing future generations. The Authority’s participation in this special event confirms its commitment to this vital sector, which helps shape the tourism scene. We are working closely with our strategic partners in the public and private sectors to provide the best possible tourism experience for the public during the days.”

His Excellency extended his thanks and gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, for His Highness’s unlimited support and for laying solid foundations for the cultural and knowledge process of the Emirate. He stated that he valued the efforts of all members of the Higher Committee for the activities of the 19th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days, and of the SIH and all contributing parties for enriching the cultural and heritage scene in Sharjah.

Sharjah Broadcasting Authority
For his part, Rashid Abdullah Al Obed said: “The Authority has prepared an integrated plan to cover the days. Sharjah TV will broadcast the opening events via live broadcast, with direct coverage via a studio at the venue to keep pace with the events throughout the festival. The programs Sabah Al-Sharjah, Literature and Art, and Al-Dar News will transmit throughout this cultural carnival, with special daily reports planned to keep viewers updated on activities, guests, and competitions. The Sharjah Heritage Days Studio will cover morning activities through the Sabah Al Sharqiah program, while Al Wusta TV will cover the event and host participants and guests through its Al Wusta Diaries program.”

He continued: "In terms of radio coverage, Sharjah Radio will broadcast through the Spring of Originality program from the event grounds. The English-language station Plus 95 will offer daily coverage of events and host interviews with the organizers and participants. It will also highlight the heritage and authenticity of the Emirate of Sharjah by broadcasting more than 40 radio spots containing information about Sharjah’s heritage days and events.”

Deepening awareness of cultural heritage and passing it on to future generations

Abu Bakr Al Kindi said: “The organization of the 19th edition confirms the Sharjah Heritage Days’ achievement of the goals for which it was launched, namely protecting national identity and contributing to global efforts to preserve human heritage. These are the same goals that represent the essence of the interests of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, the most prominent of which was His Highness’s issuance of a special law on cultural heritage in Sharjah aimed at deepening national awareness of the importance of cultural heritage in the civilization of the nation and passing it on to future generations.”

Al Kindi added: “Over the past few days, we have been in a frantic race against time, working hard to complete all procedures and equipment, overcome obstacles and challenges, finalize the general program, and prepare for an event full of surprises, challenges and important additions. This year boasts a special feature, and the committees have worked tirelessly to present interesting programs in line with this year’s slogan. As always, the Sharjah Heritage Days offer an open invitation to everyone from all over the world to meet under the Sharjah sky. The Emirate of Sharjah is passionate about heritage and plays a leading role in fostering heritage and nurturing the memory of peoples.”

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Amal Al Hosani confirmed the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s continuous support for this distinguished cultural phenomenon, which is the largest of its kind at the level of the state and the region and which enjoys the generous support and care of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, stating that it reflects the civilized and cultural approach set by His Highness for the Emirate of Sharjah. Al Hosani said that it falls within the framework of the Chamber’s societal responsibility to support cultural and heritage events aimed at preserving heritage. Praising the efforts made by the Sharjah Institute for Heritage to present such a distinguished event, Al Hosani affirmed the Chamber’s full commitment to providing all forms of support for the success of this cultural forum.

Arab and international presence with participation from 33 countries

The 19th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days will see the participation of 33 countries. Given its rich and diverse cultural and heritage stock, the Republic of Armenia will be the official guest of honor this year, while Indonesia will be the distinguished guest.

The list of countries that responded to the invitation to participate in the protection of human heritage during the Sharjah Heritage Days includes Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, China, Finland, Iraq, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Yemen, Spain, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, the United Kingdom, Mauritania, India, Palestine, Russia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Latvia, Serbia, Turkey, Iran, Japan, and Indonesia.

A distinguished gathering of international organizations and universities

The event will witness the attendance of several international organizations, including UNESCO, the International Organization for Folk Art, and the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts, as well as various local, Arab and international universities and cultural centers.

UAE participation

Locally, 28 government entities will be participating in the event. These include the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), the Sharjah Museums Authority, the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, Sharjah Volunteer Centers, Bidwa for Social Development (Irthi) - Dibba Al-Hisn, Social Development Julfar, the Departments of Suburban and Village Affairs, Social Services, Statistics, and Endowments, Emirates Heritage Club, Sharjah Marine Sports, Sharjah vintage car clubs, the Sharjah Sports Council, the Urban Heritage Society, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, and the Samaya teams.

It will further include the participation of the Ministry of Community Development, the General Command of Sharjah Police, the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, “Ruwad”, Sharjah Arts, the General Women’s Union in Abu Dhabi, Al Nakheel Society For Art & Popular Heritage, Al Mataf Heritage and Marine Folklore Society, Ibn Majid, the Sharjah Institute for Driving, and Knowledge Without Borders.

Books market

The Books Market is among the most distinctive additions to the event and was inspired by the Al Azbakeya Book Market in Egypt, Books market in Tunisia, and the Books shops in Morocco. Here, old books and modern books of old editions will be sold, and bookbinding and restoration will take place. It will be hosted alongside the books market Café.

Tournaments and competitions

A total of 29 artistic troupes, nine of which are international – representing Bahrain, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, Kosovo, Spain and Serbia – will participate in the event.

Within the framework of the event, various tournaments and competitions inspired by popular games will be organized. These include the Tibra Sports Challenge and the 5th Gulf Al-Dama championship.

Exhibitions and cultural programs

The event will include four main exhibitions and 21 cultural programs. The Six Columns exhibition will honor personalities who contributed to the preservation of heritage in all its forms, while The Art of Making Clothes from Hanji Paper by the Korean artist Amy Lee will include 16 costumes made from Hanji paper. Other exhibitions include Fifty Years of Sultan's Reign and Traditional Crafts from Lithuania. The Arab Heritage Center will host four workshops and three events, with the participation of 17 countries.

Academic program

This year’s Sharjah Heritage Days will include 61 academic programs, including educational programs, manuscript workshops, and heritage library workshops.

Various events and publications

The 19th Sharjah Heritage Days edition will also witness the organization of various events, including cultural lectures in the ‘cultural café’, academic programs, the storyteller initiative, and various workshops on Emirati crafts. Several of these events will be geared towards children, and the events will include various competitions, popular games, films, songs, and folk games from different countries.

In addition to the above, the event will feature more than 20 publications which have been identified in line with the SHD slogan. There will also be 11 heritage publications and a special issue of the Maward magazine.

Eight local publishing houses, namely Al Qasimi Publications, the Houses of Folk Heritage, Nabati, Kalmen, Al Mohet, Golden Book, Mirrors and Sadaqat will participate in the Kasbah Square Market.

Emirati crafts and programs for children

The Emirati Craft Center will include various traditional crafts and planting workshops, traditional puzzles, and a cooking event hosted by local and international participants.

The Children's Village will offer nine workshops daily, as well as various programs and competitions for children, workshops for storytellers, children's theater, and popular games.

The four environments of the emirates

This year there will also be a key focus on the four environments of the emirates, which are the mountain environment, the agricultural environment, the desert environment, and the Bedouin environment.

Kalba, Dibba Al-Hisn, Khorfakkan, Al Dhaid and Al Hamriya

Various government agencies in Kalba will participate in the Sharjah Heritage Days. There will be shops and markets, and events in the city will include workshops and various academic, cultural and entertainment programs.

In the city of Dibba Al-Hisn, events will be held with the participation of 16 government agencies and ten shops. There will be workshops on marine and agricultural environments, as well as a children's corner, a children's village, folk games, and children’s theater.

Sharjah Heritage Days activities in the city of Al Dhaid will include a workshop corner, which will offer 11 heritage workshops for children and adults, in addition to the cultural café and academic management corner, which will host lectures.

Khorfakkan will host the heritage Al Sidra Lane, and will include various cultural sessions, museums, crafts, folk games, children's workshops, a photo gallery, markets, and cafés.

There will also be many different events in Al Hamriya.


The strategic sponsors of the 19th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days are the Tourism and Commerce Development Authority, the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs, and the Emirates Heritage Club. The official sponsor is the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation "Etisalat", the main sponsor is Giftco International Company, the co-sponsors are the Sharjah Cooperative Society and Sharjah Islamic Bank, and the sub-sponsor is Al Mutamayezeen Printing Press.

Participating and supporting sponsors are the General Command of Sharjah Police, the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), the University City, Sharjah Municipality, the Sharjah Museums Authority, the Civil Defense Department, and Bee'ah, while Sharjah Broadcasting Authority is the media partner.

Precautionary measures

During the event, Covid-19 precautionary measures will be implemented. These measures have been approved by Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management and include the provision of a thermal detector to measure the temperature of employees and visitors at the gates, periodic sterilization of event sites, provision of first aid means, the installation of social distancing symbols, and enforcing capacity limits for participants and visitors.