Sharjah in the Writings of the British Traveler William Belgrave

June 17, 2021
Single Edition
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Worldwide From Sharjah, UAE.

Recently published by the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Sharjah Book in the Writings of the British Traveler William Belgrave

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Written by Dr. Mona Bonama, the book consists of three chapters, an introduction and a conclusion. The first chapter dealt with “The Journey” Traveling”, the concept and context, reviewing in its multiplication the importance and benefits of the trip, and the most prominent travelers who visited The region during the nineteenth century AD, and also stopped at the historical importance of the books of travelers, and can Considering it a reliable and reliable historical source.

The author also referred to Western travelers who flocked to Sharjah, or passed through on their way, and we focused on the first impressions made by a number of British travelers and officials about the emirate, its cities and dependencies, such as: David Seton, Vincenzo Morezi, James Wire Buckingham, George Barnes Brooks , James Raymond Wollstead.