Past and Memories from Saudi Arabia and the UAE exhibition

The experience of the creative Saudi plastic artist Abdulaziz Khalil Al-Mubarazi Al-Shawish represents an important element in documenting the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and their rich heritage through 36 paintings, in which Al-Mubarazi celebrated the aesthetics of the heritage and historical place in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, its enchanting fragrance, and its captivating heritage, and showed it in its splendid His pictures, and the most beautiful forms in the paintings that he created with a high artistic spirit, and an elaborate vision of the spirit of the place that emerges in various pictures on the sides of the streets, in the depths of old houses, old forts, fortified castles, markets, beaches, and even on sand dunes. The displayed works reflect the vocabulary of traditional Saudi and Emirati architecture, which is reflected in the old houses and the style of their construction, and their ancient historical architecture, which is evident for Saudi Arabia in the heritage doors and historical palaces. As for the Emirati paintings, he reviewed landmarks and evidence from the Emirates, on a beautiful and deep journey into the depths of history, where the lofty historical monuments that are still alive and pulsing, tell the story of the Emirati man, who built and constructed those high edifices and historical buildings.