Amber is Lithuanian gold

Amber is Lithuanian gold Amber is about drops of resin that fell from trees did not dissolve in water and were carried by rivers to the sea. It was a long journey, so various objects became trapped in the resin on the way, including insects, spines of plants, grass and soil of different colors. After remaining for thousands of years at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, these pieces of resin have turned into amber. Baltic tribes used amber as early as 2000- 1800 BC to craft jewelry and weaving tools, treat diseases and protect people against evil spirits. AlbertasBukauskas, a Lithuanian jeweler and folk artist, stringed the longest amber necklace recorded in a Guinness World Record book. Wood carving was a very popular and responsible work in Lithuanian antiquity. Carved wooden sculptures and decorations decorated Lithuanian houses, graves, and important places. Trees for decoration were responsibly selected and dried, later carved in small and curled details. ValdasPelegrimas’s collection consists of works of a tree of indescribable beauty. Sculptures are made from hard kind of wood, most of them from Oak.