“50 Years-Sultan Ruler of Sharjah” Exhibition

The 25th January represents a significant occasion in the history of the Emirate of Sharjah, when His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, assumed his position as the ruler in 1972. On this day, we recall the qualitative achievements of the Emirate thanks to a great leader who gave his thoughts and wisdom to serve his citizens and made Sharjah, under his leadership and insightful vision, takes firm and confident steps on the path of excellence.On this humanitarian approach, genuine commitment, unconditional care to all family members, and integrated and sustainable community development in all its aspects, five full decades have passed since the Ruler decorating the throne as the "Sultan of Sharjah”. Half a century ago, the Emirate of Sharjah was on a date with a historical transformation and a new developmental turning point for a bright future. Over the past 50 years, Sharjah has witnessed a civilised renaissance, progress and prosperity in all areas. Heritage was at the heart of that interest, as His Highness gave it a lofty position and a high rank, which is reflected in a tireless care and great interest in this important field related to identity, authenticity and national belonging. This revealsa deep and ancient awareness of heritage and a determination to preserve, protect, revive and rehabilitate it.

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