Manuscript Restoration & Preservation diploma – level 5

“Manuscript Restoration & Preservation" diploma – level 5
Objectives: This diploma aims to provide trainees with the knowledge, skills, and competencies for the restoration and preservation of manuscripts, its sciences, arts and characteristics.
Intended Audience (who is eligible for this?):
High school graduates, who wish to work and join cultural heritage institutions and museums and those who work in the field of manuscript restoration.
1- Cultural Heritage, Arts and Ways of Safeguarding it
This course introduces the cultural heritage, the history of its evolution, its components, its importance, its tangible and intangible types, the requirements and conditions for its study and ways to preserve it.
2- Introduction to Manuscript Restoration
It deals with the definition of manuscript, its importance, types, sciences, main components, historical periods, types of inks and materials used in writing.
3- Manual Restoration of Manuscripts
This course deals with the manual restoration process of manuscripts that were or not previously restored, focusing on the controls that must be taken into account in the restoration and the cases of manuscripts that need restoration.
4- Chemical Treatment of Manuscripts
This course introduces the mechanism of chemical treatment of manuscripts and publications, the various chemicals used in the sterilization process, the methods of using them, the quantities to be applied, types of inks, preparation of the solutions and the adhesives used in restoration.
5- Preservation and Binding of Manuscripts
This course focuses on binding and preserving manuscripts and publications, the process of assembling paper containers as a book, binding and preserving a manuscript or a printed object, types of manuscript covers, manufacturing preservation boxes of various sizes and shapes for manuscript.
6- Digital Photography and Electronic Archiving of Manuscripts
This course introduces the mechanism of digital photography and electronic archiving of manuscripts, ways of implementation and the requirements.
7- Automatic Restoration of Manuscripts
This unit introduces the automatic restoration process of manuscripts that were or not previously restored, operation of the restoring device, the quantities and measurements required, in order to implement the process of automatic restoration.
8- Practical Application for Restoration, Maintenance and Archiving of a Manuscript
This course deals with the application and implementation of restoration and maintenance operations, chemical treatments, electronic archiving of manuscripts and documentation of them.