Traditional Games House

The traditional games in the UAE represent a fertile heritage element, an important part of the memory and the collective conscience of society. They are the product of the cultural and civilizational formation, and a reflection of the natural and social environment. They have known types and varieties. Some of them rely on physical motion such as rope jumping, while others depend on mental activity. Generally, they are characterized by various moral, physical, psychological, social, behavioral and emotional benefits for players of all ages, in addition help develop the relationships, and the spirit of cooperation and familiarity between the group. The traditional games also play an educational role for the Emirati children, as they help them show their creativity, abilities and skills, teach them the values and principles as well.

The Traditional Games House plays a pivotal role in caring, introducing, documenting and promoting the Emirati traditional games through activities and events, because of their role in framing the heritage related to movement, rhythm, chants and folk songs. Among the important benefits of the traditional games are habituation of children to self-reliance, love of knowledge, enthusiasm and movement, development of their physical abilities. They further help them think quickly and innovate with stimulating memory, as well as instilling the benign meanings and accustom them to patience and perseverance.