Centre of Emirati Handicrafts

Handicrafts remain one of the pillars upon which societies are based in most of countries. Hence, the Sharjah Institute for Heritage established a centre allocated to care for the traditional Emirati handicrafts. This Centre plays a fundamental role in preserving the traditional crafts, both practiced by women and men. It strives to highlight, document, preserve, transfer, and protect them, in addition to supporting their artisans. It further emphasizes the Arab and Islamic perspective of the Emirati crafts, raises artisan’s social and economic status, develops their capabilities, expands their perceptions, markets the Emirati traditional handmade products, and preserves their intellectual property.

The Centre seeks to achieve a number of objectives, including:

  • Providing artisans with the necessary support to ensure sustainability of their crafts.
  • Providing new job opportunities for Emirati artisan and helping them hone their marketing skills.
  • Training Emirati youth in order to create new artisans.
  • Raising awareness on the traditional handmade products and their importance.
  • Documenting the local traditional handicrafts.
  • Promoting and marketing traditional handmade products.
  • Innovating ways to increase the artisanship production.