The Gospel of the “eleventh session” of the Sharjah Heritage Institute was launched today by Dibba al-Hosn branch, under the slogan “Bedam tree” or almond, as it is called in some cities in the UAE, and the event is aimed primarily at developing the cultural knowledge of the new generation and sensitizing it to the importance of preserving Of the local moral heritage, through a package of programs and quality events that suit different age levels.The director of the Sharjah Heritage Institute Office, Dibba al-Hosn branch, said that the effectiveness carries with it a message of heritage, cultural and recreational dimensions, which is to inform the public about the effectiveness of the Gospel, the reasons for choosing the almond tree at this time of year and its importance for the heritage, as well as On the definition of its benefits and benefits for parents and grandparents as it is a fruit tree with a tasty taste associated with the memory of the Emirati in the summer and is a tree with a shade of sunshine and uses its paper to dye fabrics in the old and the other.The event was attended by members of the municipal and Advisory Council of Dibba al-Hosn and several staff of the Institute.The launch program included a variety of activities and competitions, where it began in the national peace and then a speech by Dr. Khaled Al-Habassi, followed by a short presentation of the narrative of a bear narrated by Dibba about the almond tree by the Sharjah Heritage Institute’s office, and a theatrical display of the Bidam tree offered by a group of children from you (c) The Office of the Institute comes next to the meeting of the narrators, in which we recall the importance and benefits of the Bedam tree to end at the educational workshops of the volunteers harvest programme of the Social Services department badba al-Hosn.


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